Wine Wednesday

2014-10-13 17.03.19 Whoever invented Wine Wednesdays is a genius! Just another reason to treat myself to a midweek glass of vino. This week I discovered a winery from Santiago, Chile called Viña Maipo. I had the difficult job of sampling four of their wines from the Vitral Series. Out of the four I sampled, I really enjoyed the 2013 sauvignon blanc and the 2012 carmenere. The sauvignon blanc has a light aroma of citrus fruit and herbs. The first sip is really quite delightful, from the crispness this wine has to offer to the lingering flavor of grapefruit and melon. I could see this wine paired perfectly with an aged cheese or a light dinner of fish and fresh veggies. While the sauvignon blanc is light and fruity, the carmenere is a deep, dark red wine with an earthy aroma. This wine would complement a hearty meal perfectly. I would not suggest pairing this wine with a light dinner or appetizers for this wine is far too intense and would overpower the meal. All of the wines I sampled from the Viña Maipo Winery were great and at $12 a bottle, you can’t go wrong.

Until next week, Happy Wine Wednesday!


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